A DIY Dollar Store God Bless America Wreath

There is no better place to find a variety of holiday-themed decorations than the dollar store. Actually, our dollar store just became the $1.25 store, but I refuse to call it that. Whatever its name, they have three aisles full of patriotic crafts and decor, so this Army wife is pretty happy. I used my last stash to make this pretty God Bless America wreath.

I found garland, a couple of wall hangings, flag bows, styrofoam stars and lots of gift wrap bows at the store, then raided my own stash for a few goodies and my favorite white wreath.

The red, white and blue garland has little flags in it, too, so I wrapped it evenly spaced around the wreath, making sure to fluff up the flags so they would stand out.

Then I secured the God Bless America hanging in the middle with a couple of twist ties. It was very cool that the star fit exactly in the opening of the wreath - this design was meant to be!

As a finishing touch, I tucked in about a dozen little multi-colored stars that sparkle every time you open the door! Now I can share my faith, enjoy the summer celebrations and know I saved some money int he process.


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