My "Check It Off, Busy Bee" Planner Layout

Are you as eclectic and complex as I am when it comes to colors, styles and patterns that you like to use in your planner? Some weeks I have that bright-colors vibe with big, bold patterns and phrases that jump off the page. Other times, like this week in the middle of June, my spread is more subdued, filled with soft colors, small patterns and a nature theme that is relaxing and soothing.

All the images this week are from the Paper Studio's Botanical sticker book, which is entirely designed with these beautiful colors and patterns. (Sometimes I like using sets just so I don't have to coordinate them myself or doin any serious thinking.) I started with the metallic washi tape on each line and built the spread from there.

I may have a black thumb, but I love these florals and succulents. Each day has a banner journal block, a floral of some kind, a phrase and at least one small embellishment to balance each line. The similarity is in the layout, but each one is completely different because of the shape and colors of each accent. Now I'm all ready to have a peaceful, productive week - how about you?


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