Patriotic Chocolate-Dipped Oreos

Today is Flag Day, the anniversary celebration of adopting the Stars and Stripes as our national flag. To celebrate, let's make these fun and simple chocolate-dipped Oreos. You can't eat just one...

Start by melting four bricks of chocolate-flavored almond bark. Personally, I like the taste of almond bark better than the melting chocolate in a bowl you get from the store. Place the bricks in a microwave-safe bowl and heat them for 30 seconds at a time, stirring each time, until they are melted, smooth and creamy. I like to use a lollipop stick instead of a spoon because less chocolate sticks to the stick than the spoon. That means you have more in the bowl for dipping.

While the almond bark melts, choose your sprinkles. Oreos are fairly small, so keep your sprinkle size small, too. I did a few with the larger sprinkle mix on the right, but they were way too big and I didn't get very many on each cookie. The sprinkles on the left were perfect.

Now for the fun part! Dip each cookie just over halfway in the chocolate.

Then, over a separate bowl, shake the sprinkles onto the warm chocolate. You can also pour the sprinkles into a bowl and dip the chocolate-coated cookie into them. Personal preference.

And the finished product are these beautiful themed cookies. You can see the difference between the two kinds of sprinkles very well here. The larger ones are very pretty, but they're much more difficult to eat. I want my only problem eating these cookies to be running out of them too soon!


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