Mama Bird Is An Empty-Nester ... For Now


The mama bird who built her nest on top of our security light is a trooper. 

She lays eggs two or three times each summer, in the middle of the hottest time of year.  

Usually there are five babies, and she keeps them all tucked away in the overflowing nest.

She protects them diligently, flying away if you approach, but keeping a close eye on you.

Soon, so soon you might miss it, and the fuzz comes off while the feathers come in. I keep an eye on them at that point because I know they're about ready to fly off into a brave, new world.

And then mama is an empty-nester again. For a little while anyway. It's not too long before she'll be raising another brood and the Carrell Wildlife Preserve will be full of happy, healthy new birds. 


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