New Year, New Planner!

It’s time, it’s time, it’s time! January 1 and the New Year mean it’s time to break out my new planner! I’m so excited about this planner because I designed it myself - mostly because I couldn’t find one I really liked anywhere else. Let me walk you through it so you’ll know what the inside of my mind looks like. I gave a tutorial on these monthly dividers here.

The monthly spread is where I keep track of my blog posts and plan them out a few days at a time. I did a search for monthly layouts over two pages to find one I could adjust to fit my pages, plugged into a word document and printed out on card stock.

Since the 1st was on a Friday, that gave me an entire left hand page to use for notes. I’m going to use my weekly pages for a food tracker and meal planner.

My notes pages are part of Hobby Lobby’s Agenda 52 planner collection, embellished with some of my favorite planner stickers.

It’s also one of my priorities this year to practice piano more so I can make that part of my personal ministry that much stronger. To help with that, I’ve added a hymn from our hymnal every day so I can be more comfortable with them.

By far, though, my favorite pages of my planner are the daily spreads. I created a text box in a word document the same size as my other planner pages. Then I made little boxes inside, each labeled with all the wonderful things I want to keep track of every day. Then I printed them out on copy paper and cut them just inside the line.

And they’re all collected inside an Agenda 52 planner binder. I am absolutely in love with my personalized planner, and I can always make changes each month (or day or week) depending on my mood. That’s another plus about making it yourself!


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