Whatever It Takes To Make Your Work Uniquely Yours

There is just something about turning a blank sheet of paper into something fun and useful that makes me happy to the depths of my soul. That may be a little dramatic, but a new week’s worth of planner pages gives me a smile every single time.

If you were to flip through the pages of my planner, you would see me, pure and simple. Some days I’m a flowers and swirls kind of girl, other days I want productivity motivation and every day I want Scripture someplace where I can see it all day. My planner is a place where I can express myself, keep myself organized and have fun doing it.

When we sit down with creative projects of any kind - crafts, writing, decorating, even planners - we have an opportunity to make that work uniquely our own. Just because we watch a video or see a post about how one woman sets up her planner, it doesn’t mean we have to put our together just like that. I have a whole Pinterest board of planner inspiration, but I’m definitely not copying those pages exactly. It’s so much more fun to take a color or theme or image and recreate it using my own supplies instead of buying a whole sticker book for that one set. With a basement full of craft supplies, that would be pretty silly. 

And I love to do a search for samples made from my favorite stamp sets and papers. The Internet is an amazing place to find ideas and inspiration, especially for retired and hard-to-find sets and tools, but I definitely want to put my own stamp on it. (Pun totally and completely intended...) If I love a layout, I’ll find a way to tweak it a little so it’s not exactly the same. If I love the color combination but not the layout, that’s ok too. Some stamps or embellishments that are years and years and years old (you know what I’m talking about, right?) still look amazing, and maybe even better, with updated colors and patterns.

All this talk about personalizing our work, making it uniquely ours, makes me want to go dig through my old supplies and see what treasures might be in there. Retired supplies, fresh eyes and some renewed creativity is a heady combination. What can you accomplish today that’s uniquely yours?


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