Do You Still Play Like You Did As A Kid?

One of the leaders of my Facebook walking group asked a very interesting question recently: Do you still play like you did when you were a kid?

Think about that for a minute. I’ll wait...

My answer was pretty immediate. Yes, I do play like I used to, I’ve just upgraded my toys a little.

When I was little, the best way to motivate me to do anything was to promise me stickers as a reward. If you look closely at the upper left corner of this picture, you’ll see sheet after sheet of stickers - I made my own sticker books and kept every single one of them. Some of the pages are even labeled so I would remember what I did to earn those stickers.

When I started making my own cards and scrapbook pages, the first things I was drawn to were the stickers. I was no longer just sticking stickers on a piece of paper. I was creating layers and messages and emotion with just an image. I could share the beautiful stickers I loved with other people in a fun and creative way.

When I began keeping a grown-up woman’s planner for work, I couldn’t resist decorating them with stickers, among other embellishments. They become borders, accents, checkmarks and bullet lists. Not only are they lovely and they make me smile, they help me be productive and encourage me to do just one more task ... just so I can add one more sticker.

My sticker books now spark my imagination on the page of journals, planners and the crafts I love to make. Stickers were my play when I was little, and they’re definitely my play now that I’m a big girl, too. What childhood fun do you still have in your life?


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