Know Me, Know My Instagram Feed

In this day and age, it’s so simple to learn about someone - you open up their social media pages and see what they’re posting, what they’re liking or not liking and who they share moments with. In just a few clicks, you can learn who someone loves, what they like, where they go and what they’re in to. 

If you were to see my Instagram feed, for example, you’d learn pretty quickly what I’m absolutely in love with:

* Some of my favorite Etsy shops, so I can see all the great new stuff they’re making.

* Local restaurants for their daily specials and chain restaurants for their new menus.

* Bible journaling groups like Illustrated Faith at Dayspring and their artists.

* 99 Walks, my online exercise family.

* Pillsbury and Betty Crocker, totally for the recipes and new decorating ideas.

* Several sugar cookie decorators, for inspiration.

* A few professional planners who have s decorating styles I like.

* Zoos in Des Moines, Cincinnati and the Bronx because ... animals!

* Operation Christmas Child for updates on packing shoeboxes, delivery and opening photos.

* Alabama Football. Roll Tide!

* My favorite Christian authors, many who post teaching videos and Bible studies.

* Butcher Box, the clean-eating meat subscription box we get every month.

* #VintageChildrensBooks specifically to see what people are doing with their Little Golden Books.

And that doesn’t even touch my favorite Great Dane accounts, my favorite donut shops and my favorite area businesses. My Instagram feed is filled with everything that makes me happy. It’s tailored to teach me things, give me a smile, encourage me to be closer to the Lord and motivate me to share with other people.  What are the favorite accounts in your Instagram feed?


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