What Does God Want In 2021?

God has every moment of 2021 planned out. He has been there before us, setting our year in order exactly the way He wants it to work. How amazing to think that our days, weeks, months and years have been His for the making since the beginning of time.

So what on earth could God possibly want in the coming year? He already has everything He needs, right?

What our Lord wants is you. It’s all He’s ever wanted.  This year He wants...

Your heart: for you to give Him yourself, your complete heart.

Your thoughts: to wake up with Him on your mind, to be mindful of Him all day and to fall asleep thinking about Him.

Your attention: no distractions or idols to turn you away from Him.

Your prayers: constant communication so you can stay in perfect fellowship with Him.

Your trust: relying on Him to be there for you no matter what.

Your attitude: whether it’s gratitude, a decision to be joyful in hard times or just interacting with people in a loving way.

Your faithfulness: it delights Him to see you commit yourself fully to all He asks of you.

Your talents: He gave them to you as a gift, and it’s your gift back to use them for His glory.

Your time: our minutes are precious, and He wants to see you use them all for Him.

Your praise: in all things, no matter what you feel like or don’t feel like, praise the Lord!

Your thanks: hand in hand with praise, your thanksgiving pleases Him.

Are you giving God everything He wants in 2021?


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