Getting My Planner Ready For A Busy, Productive Week

Setting up my planner for the week gets my brain in gear for the week to come. If I don’t put it together in advance, I probably won’t have (or take) time every day. And there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to make plans on blank pages.

I use a combination of planner tools and supplies on my daily calendar pages. Right now I’m combining stickers from Hobby Lobby’s Agenda 52 faith books with the pages I designed myself. I’m also putting a piece of notepaper in the middle of each day’s two-page spread so the notes from all my calls and emails stay with the day they were taken.

Lots of white space, sort of a minimalist look, is making me incredibly happy right now. There’s so much going on in my work life, home life, church life and personal life that I desperately need a big, basic place to keep everything organized. Some bright colors and my favorite faith verses are keeping me going!

What does your planner look like so far this year? Are you able to keep it filled out, or have you missed a day here and there? Are there any ideas or tips you’ve seen here that you’d like to try for yourself? Personalized pages and embellishments can help you keep your sanity in an otherwise messy world!


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