Valentine Guy Gifts That Aren’t Sappy

I don’t know about your guy, but most men aren’t huge fans of sappy, sentimental gifts. I’m not saying that they don’t want us to put thought and feeling into our Valentine’s Day ideas, but schmoopy-schmoopy probably isn’t on their wish list.

What can you do instead? Try some of these:

* One of our local florists carries candy and snack arrangements that you can give your guy.

* Buy a plant that he can put on his desk, in his office or in his home workspace.

* Make his gift a trip somewhere he loves - a restaurant, a store or a road trip.

* Personalization is fun! Find a keychain, golf balls, coffee mug or watch with names, his favorite team logo or family pictures on them.

* Keep giving all year with a subscription box themed with his personal interests.

* Surprise him with something he’s always wanted! This gift requires listening and planning, so pay attention.

* Give him tickets to an upcoming concert or event, then make a day of it with dinner and shopping.

* Just ask him what he wants, then go above and beyond. If he says dinner out, have a small card and gift ready to give him at the restaurant. If he wants a night in, have a meal ready and watch a new movie together.

What are some of your favorite guy Valentine’s ideas?


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