Have We Trained The Puppies, Or Have They Trained Us?

It’s hard to admit, but the puppies have us trained really well. And by “us” I mean “me.” They turn those big brown eyes on and I melt. When I’m about to leave for work, both first thing in the morning and at lunchtime, they gaze longingly at me knowing I will give them goodbye treats. Yep, you know the look.

And when it’s cold outside, the look is even more intense. We compare it to those heart-breaking commercials about puppies in need, only ours are neither abused nor neglected. Definitely not. But again, they have me trained - they wait for me to sit down in the evening and then pile on top of me. It’s like those videos of the newborn puppies all tangled up together while they sleep. It’s like that ... only bigger and heavier. Much, much heavier.

But they are still Pavlov’s dogs in many ways. As soon as they hear Danny’s big black truck coming up the driveway, they’re at the door. I’ve been working with them not to bark when someone’s coming to the door, and it’s beginning to work, as long as I’m in the house.

If I’m the one coming in from the garage, though, it’s a little chaotic. Enjoy this tiny clip of what my arrival is like!


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