My Little Golden Book Collection Just Grows

When we had a teen girls Bible study every month, we had several projects that we used Little Golden Books for. We made pennant banners, some notebooks and I had plans drawn up to make birdhouses with the covers, even though we didn’t have a chance to make that one.

We asked our church congregation to donate books for these projects, and they delivered. We had stacks and bags of books brought for many weeks in a row, and we used every single one of them for something. We were blessed beyond measure by the generosity of our church family, and we had so much fun working on those projects together.

After creating with all those Little Golden Books, I fell back in love with them. I had many, many of them growing up, and I definitely had my favorites. I remember the animals counting book, We Like Kindergarten and ALL of the Christmas books. I still had a couple of them from my growing-up years, and I began to add a few here and there as I found them at sales and antique stores. Yes, books from my childhood are now in antique stores. Please tell me they’re just vintage...

Now I have close to 300 of them, with some duplicates, the miniature Little Golden Books and one large one. I have had many upcycled Little Golden Books in our Etsy shop and as DIY instructions here under the Crafts label. These are only duplicate books and books that are in fairly bad shape. I can’t bring my self to dog-ear book pages, let alone tear apart a perfectly good book. My poor heart couldn’t take that!

I’ve pulled out all my books this week to sort and find some new projects for the upcoming months. Keep checking back to see the Cats book, the Garden planner and even ... nope. You’ll have to be surprised.

Do you have a favorite Little Golden Book from when you were young? Have you started a love of them in the next generation?


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