Mini Folding Valentine’s Day Card

Ok, so this is possibly the cutest, tiniest, most adorable Valentine book ever. With so many little pages to embellish and put hand-written notes on, you’ll have so much fun putting it together.

And when it’s all tied up with a bow, it will be a forever keepsake for the recipient. Now that’s love!

You can make this book whatever size and shape you want, so I began mine with these stickers. Their color scheme is how I chose my card stock, decorator paper and other embellishments.

Their size and shape gave me the dimensions for the center set of pages. I trimmed card stock to fit one rectangle sticker on each page and three pages to each section.

I cut the next strip and color of card stock to wrap around the center pages so the panels open on the opposite sides as the first one. Ultimately, they will alternate every time and create a staggered, flower petal-type look.

Cut and fold, turn the card and repeat. 

The four colors of card stock each have three panels, and they alternate top to bottom and left to right.

On the back of the outside panel, I cut a piece of coordinating decorator paper that would cover and secure the cord that will serve as the tie.

And now the fun part! I’m pretty much addicted to stickers and paper, so this was like creative fuel for me. I started with the rectangle stickers that sparked this whole project, adding them to each of the  four smallest panels.

Then I worked my way out, adding sentiments and tiny embellishments to each panel. When it’s all done, there’s one blank panel in the very center for your message and it’s ready to be tied up! Imagine the possibilities with this tiny, adorable card!


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