My “Bright, Cheery Flowers” Planner Layout

Taking into consideration that high temperatures were in the single digits this week, I desperately need this layout for the next seven days. A sheet of vellum flower stickers has been in my planner collection for just such an occasion! 

I never use the labels that come on the left hand page of my planner, so covering them with some inspirational phrases and coordinating letter stickers makes them journaling blocks that I will actually use. And I just moved a little and saw that the flowers are metallic, so they sparkle and shine! Added bonus!

The two phrase stickers on the right hand page are going to keep me going through another long week - Glory to God and Make Today Great. There are no better motivational messages than these, and they’ll keep me focused and centered in the days to come. I pray your week will be just as blessed as I know mine will be - to God be the glory, great things He has done!


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