$3 Dollar Store Valentine’s Light-Up Jar

You don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to decorate and give gifts for each of the seasons. For just $3 apiece, these adorable light-up Valentine’s jars can be used as part of a tablescape, as gifts for someone special or as a little something pretty for your own workspace.

All I needed were these three things, all from our dollar store: a plastic jar, a bag of table scatter and a string of heart lights. Yep, that’s it! Plus batteries I already had.

I started with some table scatter in the bottom, just enough to cover the bottom of the jar.

Then I layered a few lights on the string, scatter, more lights and more scatter.

When the jar was full, I screwed the lid on and kept the batteries in the back. You could tie it to the jar with ribbon, but make sure it’s sheer so you don’t cover up the lights. The jar is too small to have very much covered up.

The finished product is this adorable, heart-filled jar perfect for lighting up the place! And it’s easily switched up for the seasons - just check out the shelves of your dollar store and pick out your supplies. 


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