Valentine Cake Cut-Out Hearts

Need a last-minute treat for an upcoming Valentine’s Day event? Pick up a store-bought cake, some frosting, sprinkles and a cookie cutter for the perfect snack of all sizes.

For my hearts, I bought three small loaf breads in lemon poppyseed, orange and cherry along with a tub of pink frosting with sprinkles in the lid. It was one of those special packages for Valentine’s Day, which was absolutely perfect for me.

Most cookie cutters are two inches thick or smaller, so cut your bread into slices thick enough to stand up on their own and thin enough that the cutter will go all the way through. Adjust accordingly.

Slices at the ends of the bread are perfect for a couple of small hearts, and the middle are just the right size for large hearts. My guess is that you have heart-shaped cookie cutters in just about every size, just like I do, so go on an expedition to find them!

Then lightly frost each heart and dip them in the sprinkles. The whole process only takes a few minutes, and it’s easy enough for kids to help out with. And I won’t tell you how many I taste-tested just to make sure they were good enough to take to church fellowship. Just looking out for my church family, I promise.


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