The Property Turns White With Snow

While other people are complaining about the cold and the snow all over the Midwest this weekend, I'm thrilled! I adore the snow and the bright white of a winter storm. And when our backyard looks like this the morning after the night before, it's difficult for me to do anything but sit by the window.

 We have maybe 4 or 5 inches of snow on the ground, but it drizzled overnight, so now there is a thick crust of ice over everything. The babies have enjoyed running and breaking it, but Molly wants nothing to do with this cold winter stuff.

 Both ponds have frozen over, too, but Danny saw an eagle earlier this week. There have also been several hawks, which are so much fun to watch fly against the wind. This is also the best time to check out the animal tracks on the snow and ice, just to see what's awake and moving about in the cold. 


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