Starting With A Blank Canvas

In what area of your life would you love to have a blank canvas? A perfectly clear spot where you can do whatever you need to do?

For me, it is a completely empty living room. I took down all our Christmas decorations, cleared out the furniture and attacked the carpet with no mercy. And yes, that's blowing snow outside the window. It was the perfect day for being inside accomplishing things.

There's something about an empty room, a blank piece of paper and clean plate that makes me smile. Not because there's nothing there, but because there is untapped potential. I can create to my heart's content, carefully arranging things and making a finished product I'm proud of.

In my living room situation, I rearranged furniture (one of my favorite pastimes) and cleaned everything I could get my hands on. With four dogs, it's so important to keep up with the dog hair and dust so we can stay healthy. Plus, the "Great Dane Glitter" gets on everything. The room feels new now, a cozy and welcoming place to spend the evening, all day or a whole weekend.

So I ask again ... what areas of your life need a blank canvas? Your relationship with God? Your marriage? Your home? Your family? Your friendships? And what steps do you need to take to get down to that blank canvas?

I pray that this weekend will be an opportunity for you to start something fresh, to begin something new and beautiful. Ask God what He would like to see for your blank canvas and then persevere to make it happen.


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