Studying The Story Of Moses Through A Child’s Eyes

Ok, I’ll admit that I’m pretty addicted to these Bible activity books right now. This is the third one I’ve gone through this year, and it’s a fun way to look at the Scriptures we read at the same time every year in a different way. This book about Moses corresponds to the Through The Bible In A Year schedule you’ll find on the left side of the website, so we’re right in the middle of his story now.

While I love doing the little games and puzzles on each page, I love having the open spaces for some study notes and journaling. I’ve written out Scripture in KJV in the margins of the book, plus notes that I’ve kept from studying my favorite commentaries.

Plus, who can resist stickers and mazes? Definitely not me. I’m always reminded of the handmade coloring and activity books I was given to work on during church services when I was tiny. I remember those like it was yesterday.

It’s also good for my brain to read the child-age story in the book, study it in my Bible and then add in what’s been left out, changed or simplified. As a Sunday School teacher and youth group leader, the more I study and the more I understand, the easier it is for me to answer questions when they come up in class. It’s so important to know exactly what the Bible says and be able to share that.

I still have David and Jesus’ storybooks for later in the year, and I’m really looking forward to working on them. I found these activity books at the dollar store, and I would encourage you to add something similar to your own study this year. Just for the fun of it!


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