The Animals' Christmas Eve Upcycled Little Golden Book

Did you ever have one of those projects that took longer than you imagined and you weren't able to finish it until after that season had passed? That's what this Christmas Little Golden Book was for me, but I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out!

When I have multiple copies of a Little Golden Book, I carefully disassemble two of them and turn them into an up cycled version of their former selves. This is especially gratifying when they're worn out copies that were greatly loved and not in the best condition anymore.

There are surprises and details galore from the very first page, which has a flip-open section for photos or journaling blocks.

The Animals' Christmas Eve is a darling counting book about the animals in the barn and their retelling of the Christmas story. I trimmed the pages down so they could be matted and attached to new pages covered in decorator paper. They are only attached on three sides so card stock tags could be slipped behind each one.

I use the same ribbon for the tags that I use for the binder rings so the colors and styles all coordinate. 

The words and phrases are cut out separately and matted on coordinating card stock so they stand out. The accents are circles punched from the scraps of the pages and tiny acrylic dots. I decided the pages didn't need much more than that because they were pretty busy already and the story is what is important in this particular book.

My absolute favorite part, though, are the five journaling pages shuffled in between the story panels. The file folders are handmade, cut from thin cardboard and covered in the same colors of card stock as the other pages. Then they're accented with scraps of decorator paper, punched circles and acrylic dots. I print the journaling blocks from a template on my computer and added some label stickers to complete the effect.

This Christmas book, along with dozens of other holiday cards and gifts, will be for sale in our Etsy shop in September, but you can special order our altered and upcycled Little Golden Books all year long! Email us at or message us through our Etsy shop to get started on a personalized album just for you.


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