The Dog Days Of Winter, Which Isn’t Really A Thing...

January in Iowa means one thing - winter weather. And we get to experience it firsthand at our house while taking four dogs outside multiple times a day!

We were concerned about Parker, our Louisiana dog, getting too cold, so we bought him a winter coat to match the puppies' coats. (I will now let you insert a joke here about not being able to see the coats because they're camouflaged. You're welcome.) 

So on the coldest days, we bundle everyone up and head out. Diesel really doesn't care about the cold and snow, but the other three do. As soon as they're done, they're back at the door and ready to get back in where it's warm.

But the outside never stays outside. Callie and Diesel both love to eat ice, one of their favorite treats all year, so going out in the snow is like an all-you-can-eat buffet. And, of course, some of the snow has to come back inside with them. Of course.

And once we're back inside, it's all about the cuddles. They squeeze into any little place they can so they can get close and warm. That always means somewhere they can be touching us.

And each other.

And all of them in one place at one time. These three are like peas in a pod. All day. Every day.

But it's those sweet faces when they cuddle that touch my heart! Now I'll just let sleeping dogs lie, and maybe join them for a little nap myself.


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