Studying The Story Of Joseph With A Child’s Eyes

This is the second in a set of sticker activity books I found at the dollar store. Each one is the story of a Bible character, and they've been a fun way to study Scripture as I'm reading through the Bible in a year.

If you follow along with the Bible reading program here at Victorious Christian Woman, you're into the story of Joseph in the last chapters of Genesis. I have lots of notes in the margins of my Bibles, and I have several Old Testament commentaries that I use when I study. I've written some of them in on the corresponding pages as I play with stickers, color and work the puzzles.

Though it may seem silly and not a real way to study, there's something refreshing about using the eyes of a child to see Scripture in a whole new light.

Plus, I'm addicted to paper and stickers, so this is just an extension of me and the way my brain works. In about an hour, I work through the book, then I study the Scripture in my Bibles and commentaries. This can take as little or as much time as I want, it just depends on how much I'm learning and how much more I want to know.

As we start this new week, I encourage you to try something new for your Bible study. It doesn't have to be a children's book - it might be a new devotional, a study on a certain book of the Bible or an online course on a topic you're interested in. I'll be praying that God's Word speaks to you and shows you truth you've never seen before.


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