My "Faith Can Move Mountains" Planner Layout

 Sometimes I need a reminder that a full calendar and a completed planner aren’t the most important parts of my life. That’s why my planner layout for this week is full of biblical truth and that nudge I often need to think about why I’m doing all these things and not just when and how I’ll be doing them.

New mercies every morning!
Give me Jesus.
Faith can move mountains.
You are a child of God.

The journal blocks on the left page of my spread are Ready to be filled with prayer requests, praises and just a few of the reasons I have to be thankful. I can’t wait to see it at the end of the week, to be able to look back at God’s blessings from the week and rejoice in how He moves.

For some reason, this planner has the food columns labeled Sunday through Saturday, while the days on the right are set up Monday through Sunday. I’m having to come up with some creative ways to change the food labels, or, in this case, hide them and write in my own. Next time I won’t use my own handwriting, but I still like this idea of coordinating the washi tape over both pages.
We weren’t able to meet for youth group last week because of the snow storm, so our lesson about discerning God’s voice and following His guidance is already done. And we’ll be playing Simon to get things started. Yes, I’m dating myself by knowing what that game is, but it will be a fun way to explain the positives and negatives of doing what God tells us to do.

And this week we start the book of Leviticus in our Through The Bible in a Year schedule. It’s not the easiest of books to read, but it has some amazing lessons in and amongst all those rules. Israel couldn’t just approach God whenever and however they wanted - but we can!

I pray you have an amazing week. I’m ready to tackle mine with the word of God!


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