How Do You Switch From Christmas To Winter?

Some people have already taken their Christmas decorations down. I know I should, too, but I’m really clinging to them this year for some reason. Both our house and my office are still covered in garland and ornaments and trees, but part of me wants to hold on to that holiday feeling a little while longer.

The same can be said for the rest of my life, too. I’ve been making winter cards like crazy lately, covered in snowflakes and snowmen and those beautiful winter colors. We don’t have snow on the ground right now, but it’s sure all over the craft room!

When you take down the Christmas decorations in your home, what do you replace them with? Do you go back to the everyday decor or do you look for something wintry to put out instead? Do you switch colors or themes in your craft projects to reflect the change of seasons?

Making that transition from Christmas to winter can be difficult, especially if you’re not a big fan of snow and winter and cold. (Not me, I adore the snow!) Here are just a few simple ideas for turning your home, your crafts and a little piece of your heart into a winter wonderland this year!

* Bundle up and decorate with scarves and mittens. Use scarves as table runners or garland, and hang mittens like stockings filled with sticks and pine cones.

* Trade ribbon for burlap and bright colors for muted blues and purples.

* Set out a coffee or cocoa tray with big, heavy mugs, a sampling of coffee pods and cocoa packets and all the fixings.

* Think contrasts: dark trees under white snow, pine cones on a soft tablecloth and beautiful lights against a black sky.

* Bring the outdoors in and make it cozy by decorating with branches, pine cones, colorful bird images and the perfectly placed snowflake.

* Be a little rustic with distressed wood, buffalo checks and deep, rich colors.

* Throw in some moose, a penguin or two and a gnome here or there, just because you can!

What’s inspiring you this winter?


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