My “Still Clinging To Christmas” Planner Layout

There was a rumor that it was going to snow this week in southern Iowa. The snow stayed to the north, but just talking about it made me wish for a White Christmas kind of day.

Now I’ll have a whole week to keep that “clinging to Christmas” feeling with this week’s planner spread. I absolutely adore the festive garlands, and that tree in the corner makes me smile!

I won’t get to use the Bible study tag this week because we will be at the VA hospital in Iowa City on Wednesday. Danny will finally get his kidney stones removed after a weeks-long fight with them. We’ll probably watch the Wednesday night service on Facebook live, which isn’t quite the same but it keeps us feeling in touch with our church family.

The Bible study journal block on the left page is where I’ll put my notes from this week’s Psalms studies. We’re still reading through the Bible in a year using the guide on the left side of the Victorious Christian Woman home page, but I’ve also added a guide and thought for meditation from the Psalms. I hope it’s a blessing for you to read as it has been a blessing for me to study.

I’m praying you have a wonderful week! It’s going to be a good one.


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