The Lord Your God...

When Joshua knew he didn’t have much longer to live, he gathered the heads of all the tribes together and shared some important thoughts with them. I’m always amazed that in the last days of his life, Joshua only wanted to tell the people a little more about God. Of all the last words he could have said, he chose the Lord.

Once again, Scripture repeats a phrase in Chapter 21, showing that it’s an incredibly important idea. In just 16 verses, Joshua uses “the LORD your God” 13 times. Why would this phrase, of all words he could use, be repeated for Israel and now for us?

Joshua’s instructions, some of his last words on earth, took the people back to the first miracles of God they ever saw. God fought for them - the Lord their God was there. He drove out nations from before them, He gave them the land He had promised them, He defeated armies right before their eyes. This doesn’t happen when men are in charge, but only when the Lord Himself fights for you.

The warnings were the same: cleave to God for protection, love God for contentment and praise God for His faithfulness. Time and time again, Joshua reminded them that this was the Lord Himself, the Lord Jehovah, and He was their God.

The LORD your God...

He was theirs. He was their God.
And He is yours. He is your God.

Words are repeated in Scripture based on how important they are. Each and every word in Scripture is truth and perfection, but repetition gives emphasis and priority. If this is the case, what does a phrase repeated 13 times in one chapter mean? What should it mean to you?

It means that you can claim this truth above all else. You can claim the Lord as your God. What He did for the people of Israel all those centuries ago can be repeated today in your own life. He is still driving out enemies, He is still keeping His promises and He still delights in showing you His goodness. What He was then, He is now and He forever will be.

That’s what “the LORD your God” means today. Claim that phrase, make it your own and see what God can do in a faithful heart. Look at what He did in Joshua’s life and prepare yourself for what He’ll do in yours.


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