Chocolate-Dipped Maple Sandwich Cookies

Did you know that Oreo is now making a Golden Maple sandwich cookie?

Did you know that there Baker’s has microwave-ready bowls of chocolate wafers for dipping?

Did you know that Nestle makes containers of milk chocolate and whites chocolate curls all ready for you?

Did you know that you can get tiny sprinkles in any color combinations for any season?

Now you do. And now you can create these adorable fall chocolate-dipped cookies!

To make the cookies pictured here, I melted the chocolate in its bowl and dipped each maple cookie half-way up. Then I sprinkled them liberally over a large bowl to catch the extras. Then they went on a parchment paper-covered sheet pan to cool and harden.

For the other half of the package, I substituted white chocolate curls for the fall candies, which contrasted wonderfully with the dark chocolate.

What combinations of cookies, chocolate and toppings would you use?


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