Living Your Faith In The Workplace

It’s not always easy to share your faith in the workplace. Some companies frown on spiritual talk, while other offices are filled with multiple beliefs and religions. The coworkers around you may be open to conversations about faith and God, but there are even more who are completely unreceptive.

We may often feel like we’re not able to share our faith or discuss our relationship with God when we’re at work, but it is vitally important that we live for Him no matter what our job title or workplace situation.

And how can we do that? Try to incorporate at least one of these ideas into your work week and see how God can use you for His glory while you simply do your job.

* Meditate on Scripture. Choose a verse or two from your daily devotions and go over them all day. Write them out, study them and repeat them frequently in between tasks.

* Stay joyful and wait for someone else to start the conversation. People will see the difference in you and your attitude and want to know how you do it. This opens the door to conversation and you don’t have to do a thing.

* Have a fun piece of art on your desk or on your wall that you can see from where you sit. it doesn’t have to be huge or in a prominent place, just somewhere obvious to you. This can give you just the encouragement you need in a stressful day.

* Take a walk on your break time and do some reading. While you walk (which is good for mind, body and soul), pull out your phone and read a devotion, search for some appropriate Scripture or check your social media feed for some encouragement.

* Take a mental health day every now and then. When you’re able, and there are no pressing projects with deadlines looming, take a day to yourself. Consider it a sick day for your brain and your heart.

* Be prepared to explain yourself when someone asks. And they will ask, when they see you stronger, more grounded and more joyful than ever before. When your work day is centered on the Lord and doing your work for Him, your coworkers will be the first ones to notice that something is different in your life. Be able to explain your salvation and how God is doing great works in your life!


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