Our Dog Park Adventures Of The Day

All three of our dogs had to go to the vet's office on Friday. Molly's been licking a lot, and we needed to see if she is allergic to something. Diesel has an ear infection, which we only found out about when his sister was licking it all the time. And Callie ... she was just along for moral support. Afterwards we made a 30-minute stop at the dog park!

When we pulled into the parking lot, a couple in a truck were taking two tiny yippy dogs into one side of the park. So I pulled into the large dog area and unloaded our three big dogs from the car. The first thing the man asked me was how I got all three of them into my little Ford Focus. My response was, very carefully. They were chomping at the bit so I quickly opened the gates so they could run. They didn't want to play or sniff or talk to the other puppies - they just wanted to run off all that pent-up energy.

But then two more people were walking on the trail behind the dog park with their dog off leash. He came tearing down the hill toward the dog park fence and my dogs went to investigate. Immediately the other dog went on the offensive, trying to break through the fence while growling like I've never heard before. They ran back and forth the length of the fence several times barking and growling at chewing at the fence. It was absolutely ugly, and the people on the trail just kept walking like there was nothing wrong. Please, if you take your dog somewhere wonderful in town with you, please keep them on a leash so they don't cause problems with other dogs. It's just a common courtesy - one other dog owners deeply appreciate.


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