Ain’t No Book Like An Old Book!

There’s nothing so wonderful in the world as an old book. Some people would say they’d rather have new books, but there’s something special about books that were written before you were born. I’ve always thought those books are a glimpse into a different world - a world without me in it!

So here are just a few of the “old” books I’ve been diving into lately. They’re amazing, they’re classic, and they’re filled with just as much good stuff as any new book written today.

Betty Crocker’s Party Book - 1960. I remember the kids’ version of this book fro when I was little. I read it so much that it’s falling apart. So when I found this one, the grown-up version, at a used book sale in May, I was thrilled! It begins with sections titled “What Makes A Hostess Famous,” “The Importance Of Planning” and “Variety Is The Spice Of Life.” From there, you pick the special occasion and they give you recipes and party ideas. The illustrations are so ‘60s, and some of the ingredients aren’t available anymore, but it’s still a cute and useful book.

Dale Evans Rogers’ The Woman at the Well - 1970. I’ve only begun this one, but Dale Evans was a classic part of my growing up years. While she was an entertainer and actor long before I was born, she was also well known for her Christian faith and supporter of faith-based organizations. This book is her own testimony, and I love how open and honest she is about her life. I’ll update you on this one when I finish it.

Games For All Ages & How To Use Them - 1959. For our Wednesday evening youth group meetings, we’re always looking for fun and interesting activities to do with the teens. At our teen day Sunday afternoon, we’re going to try out some of these games they played decade ago. In the past we’ve had game nights where you can challenge anyone to anything and earn points, so this will be a fun book for everyone to flip through and find something new to try.

Christian Etiquette For Teen-angers - 1963. This is far and away my favorite book right now. It may have been written 56 years ago, but it’s just as applicable today as it was then. At this week’s youth group, we all took the Correct Church Conduct quiz, and it was really eye-opening. There were tons of questions about why we do what we do when we’re in God’s house, showing us that they’re really thinking about their actions and the consequences.

What is your favorite, oldest book in your library? What have you learned from it over the years?


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