Pulling Out The Fall Decorations!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like ... fall. Did you sing it in your head like I did? Maybe that’s just me. 

I’m working on my fall cleaning right now, and that includes the downstairs closet where I store my seasonal goodies and my bulletin board supplies. I brought up every single thing I could find that looked like autumn, and I couldn’t believe everything I’ve amassed over the years. 

In the midst of my cleaning and organizing, I actually found this stacked tray that I forgot I had. That’s like Christmas in September, when you finding something fun like this! So I disassembled a few old decorations that I’ve used repeatedly and layered them into the two trays. What I ended up with is this beautiful centerpiece that will work perfectly all the way through Thanksgiving.

So can you see everything in there? Look carefully and you’ll find:
* two leaf garlands
* a jar full of acorns
* a bird cage candle holder
* ceramic pumpkins
* my favorite crocheted pumpkin pie slice
* a deer shed
* more than a dozen fall flowers

And it’s all displayed on three leaf placemats from the dollar store!

What are your go-to fall decorations? And more importantly, do you have them out yet?


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