Ways to Keep Your Cool This Summer

Iowa is notoriously hot and humid in the summertime. Many people plan to stay indoors during the hottest times of day, or they go from air conditioned building to air conditioned building as much as they can.

But there are some great, fun ways to keep your cool no matter where you have to be this summer! Here are just a few:

* Fill silicon ice cube trays with smashed berries and water to add a little flavor as you hydrate.

* Host Water Wars by finding a place in the shade to set up the sprinkler, some garden hoses and water balloons.

* Since your basement is probably much cooler than anywhere else in the house, set up downstairs for a picnic and a movie.

* Make pretty paper fans out of card stock and decorator paper. They’ll be fun to make, and you can use them as party favors at all those summer gatherings.

* There’s no need to turn on the stove or oven when it’s terribly hot outside. At the coolest time of day, do some batch cooking and meal prep so some meals will be done and ready when you need them.

* Cooling off your feet will bring your body temperature down fast. Make a foot soak with cool water, Epsom salt and a great essential oil like peppermint.

Do you have favorite go-to’s when it’s unbearable outside? What keeps you cool in the summer heat?


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