They’re Caffles — Part Cake, Part Waffle!


If you have a waffle maker, especially if it’s one like they have in hotel breakfast rooms, you can have amazing cake in just minutes!

They’re not just cake. They’re not just waffles. They’re caffles!

I made these 4th of July treats for Danny and the youth group, and they’re so much fun. We have one of the waffle makers that you pour batter into, rotate and wait until the Ready light comes on. No timing, no measuring, just waiting for the light. How easy is that?

Just whip up a cake mix as directed on the ox and you have everything you need!

I much prefer decorating to baking, even if the steps are simple, so turning these caffles into patriotic caffles absolutely made my day.

All I did was spread soft frosting on the corners and cover them in red, white and blue sprinkles. You can also melt the frosting in the microwave, stir it until smooth and then dip the caffles into the frosting. It’s a little more labor intensive, but it’s totally worth it.

I always store away several kinds of seasonal sprinkles during the after-holiday sales. So grabbing 4th of July decorations was super easy, too.



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