Some Days I Feel Like A Disney Princess Out Here...

I think I know what Disney princesses feel like. You know those scenes in the movies where the birds fly across the princess’ path, the bunny rabbits throw flower petals in the air and the deer circle around her? I get that. Out here on the Carrell Wildlife Preserve, something similar happens on a daily basis.

We have so many different species of wildlife that call our property home. Right now we have about a dozen baby bunnies that dance around the yard every day. Then there are the assorted chipmunks, squirrels, beavers, otters and muskrats. Many of our young deer have gone off to find territory of their own, but we still see some around the ponds on a regular basis.

We also have more different kinds of birds than ever before. The turkeys are always around, and you could easily cross off many species from your bird book in a short walk around the property. Plus, we often have cranes, owls, eagles and other larger birds stop for a visit. You never who you’re going to meet every day!


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