Breakfast For Dinner Street Tacos

Yesterday I shared my recipe for pulled pork street tacos, one of my new favorites! We subscribe to Butcher Box, a company that ships organic, grass-fed meat to your home every month. We can’t believe the difference the meat itself makes when it comes to flavor and quality.

So today we’re switching from dinner to breakfast. Or breakfast for dinner, which is really amazing, too. For these scrambled egg street tacos, we’ll use the same mini taco shells as the pulled pork version. They’re super soft and have an amazing flavor. You’ll find them in the same aisle as the regular sized tortillas.

When I make scrambled eggs, I always add a good splash of almond milk to the beaten eggs to make them nice and fluffy. This time around I used a refrigerated mix of cooked sausage and bacon, making it much quicker to make. If you want to start fresh and cook the meat yourself, have at it!

Top them with a great shredded cheese blend and you’ll have the most amazing breakfast street tacos! Serve them up with some fruit and a little something sweet for the perfect meal.


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