A Morning Walk On A Summer Day

It’s the hot and humid season in Iowa, but you can beat the heat if you get up early enough. That’s what I did this week so I could go check on the blackberry crop. Many of the trails are shady all day, so it was relatively cool at the top of the hill.

Many, many blackberry bushes grow wild on the property, and it won’t be much longer before they’ll be ready for harvest. Right now, though, they’re still small and green. Even the wildlife won’t eat them right now.

The berries are densely packed into several acres of the wooded areas, and I’d like to clean up some of the other growth around them this year so they’ll be easier to reach and pick. However, I will not be touching (or even looking at) the poison oak. There is quite a bit running through the woods, and I am incredibly allergic. But I will have to admit that those fresh, juicy berries are almost worth it. 



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