Our Prayer This 4th of July

In the midst of our 4th of July celebrations, let’s not forget to pray for our nation, its leaders and its people.

* Pray for unity where there is division, peace where there is hostility and comfort where there is pain.

* Pray for our president, lawmakers and judges, that they will put allegiance to God over their political promises.

* Pray for our city and county governments, that they will see the needs of the people and do everything in their power to make their quality of life better.

* Pray that Christians across these 50 states will seek the Lord and follow His word more diligently than ever before.

* Pray for the pastors, their wives and their families, that they will continue to lead their flocks with strength and boldness, standing on the truth of God and calling us to greater holiness.

* Pray that God will strengthen families, giving them everything they need to withstand the attacks of the devil, because if he destroys families, he destroys the church.

* Pray for our law enforcement, fire departments and first responders, that they will serve their communities with care, concern and courage, keeping us safe and secure in our own homes.

* Pray that each one of us will shine our light in this lost and dying world, not putting it under a bushel but holding it up high and showing the forces of evil that God is still in control.


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