Sunday Sketch

Let’s pull out some gorgeous patterns and colors for today’s sketch. Then we can hang a beautiful image from a pretty ribbon and wrap it all up with the perfect sentiment.

There are actually two focal points for this sketch - the hanging image and the large sentiment beneath it. While you could use a smaller, longer phrase at the bottom of the card, this space just screamed for a large word.

Ok, it doesn’t really scream because that would be incredibly spooky.

Here’s the secret to hiding the ends of your ribbon: wrap it around the back of the torn card stock before you attach it to the card. This works perfectly for thin ribbon, and you don’t have disguise the ends in some weird way.

Ready to make this sketch your own? Start by choosing two solid colors of card stock and a pretty pattern. One color will be the background of the card, and the other will be one of the torn layers at the top. Tear the patterned paper and cut it to fit the width of your card.

Before you attach the banner to the card, thread a coordinating ribbon through your main image and attach the ribbon around the banner, adhering it on the back. Secure the entire banner with the hanging image to the card.

Next you’ll want a larger sentiment for the bottom, and you can use just about anything - stamps, stickers, die cuts. If you have room left, tiny embellishments always look cute in the corners.

Love this card? Want more inspiration for your own cards? Head to our Etsy shop today and make this card your own!


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