Pulled Pork Nachos

When you have amazing meat in the freezer, you want to do something amazing and different with it. So when we thawed out some boneless pork loin from Butcher Box, the first thing I thought of was pulled pork nachos!

So I pulled out the slow cooker, put a little bit of barbecue sauce in the bottom, layered in the pork and covered it with more sauce. And that’s it. It cooked on high for about 5 hours and practically fell apart. That’s what I was looking for!

If you want to do something a little more hands-on, you can make the dry rub version I used for my Pulled Pork Street Tacos. It’s pretty amazing, too.

From there, you can go wild with your nacho toppings. We used smaller, bite-sized chips, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, peach salsa and bacon crumbles. You could use any combination of these and then come up with your own favorites.


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