Too Many Pockets Altered Children's Book

Sometimes inspiration comes at the strangest moments. At one of our local book sales, I happened across this adorable children's book. It might not mean anything to most people, but my mind automatically thought that this would make an amazing altered album with a ton of pockets inside.

This week I finally sat down to work on it, and the result was an adorable little gift book.

Inside is the condensed version of the storybook. 

Every other set of pages is a pocket with tags tucked inside. They can be used for pictures, journaling or just about anything your little heart desires.

This altered album starts like all the books I make - the inside pages come out. This is a fairly easy process regardless of the type of binding.

Then I cut the cover into two pieces, a front and a back. Then I punched three large holes in the spine for the binder rings.

For the inside pages, I cut plain card stock just smaller than the cover, then punched holes in one side.

 The pages that will be from the storybook get a single piece of decorator paper over the card stock. On the pocket pages, I cut decorator paper about an inch larger on each side without attaching it. The added embellishments that hold the pockets in place will raise the paper significantly, so the extra paper takes this into account. Once the pocket is attached, the entire page can be adhered and trimmed to fit.

I used three different techniques for creating pockets, and they all start with tiny holes in one of the bottom corners.

One set of pages was stitched with a sewing needle and baker's twine.

The next pockets were held on with metal brads.

And the last ones are attached with eyelets. Now they can be filled with all kinds of fun memories.


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