Big Dog, Little Dog

Molly and Triniti are basically two sizes of the same dog. It's so much fun having them in the house together, as there's always something interesting happening. We could probably just leave the tv off and enjoy watching them!

Their similarities:
* They bark at any unusual sounds.
* They wear dark mascara around their eyes.
* They lick anything within reach.
* They are great cuddlers.
* They enjoy walks on the property.
* They are both lap dogs.
* They get fixated by squirrels, birds, moles ... just about everything that walks or flies.
* They come running when they hear any noise from the kitchen.
* They consider naps an important part of each day.
* They go where we go.

Their differences:
* Um, about 120 pounds.
* Molly has four legs and Triniti has three.

And that's about it. They are much more alike than they are different. And most importantly, they are both loving and loved in return.


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