A Week Of Pulling Away

You can hear the rushing water from far away. It's a sound like no other, the music of a creek tripping over the rocks. This melody means fresh water, clean water, a way to quench the thirst that comes from traveling.

The moving, dancing water calls to the heart. You know the sound means water, and you want to be close to it. It is pleasant to the eye, a joy to the ear and peaceful to the soul. You want to sit there, listening and breathing in the sights and sounds that have pulled you away from the dirt and grime of the world.

As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God. Psalm 42:1

As the heart is pulled to the rushing water, it is pulled even more to be close to the Lord. The creek may satisfy thirst for a time, but God will satisfy our soul's longing for all eternity. When we've been roughed up from a day in the world, what a soothing time it is to sit alone in the presence of the Lord.

Make this a week of pulling away. Listen for the call of God to your heart, drawing you away from the busyness of life to the joy of simply being in His presence. Only then will the thirsty craving of your soul be calmed and at peace. These moments don't just happen - it is your choice to follow the heavenly music and allow Him to quench your longing for something more.


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