20 Ways To Take A Break

Somewhere along the way, women have convinced themselves that unless they're running themselves ragged at work and at home, they're not really accomplishing anything. If they stop moving for even a few minutes, it means they're lazy. If movement ceases long enough to take a breath, they're not working hard enough.

In reality, nonstop work drags us down. Women may be designed to endure a lot both physically and emotionally, but we're not designed to go nonstop. If we were, we wouldn't need coffee, chocolate and a soft bed at night.

The next time you feel worked to the max and just need a quick break, remind yourself that you were designed to rest. Rest in the Lord, rest your body, rest your mind.

Not sure what to do during your break time? Here are 20 ways you can shut down and relax a little.

1. Read your favorite chapter in the Bible.
2. Cuddle with your dog or cat.
3. Turn on some music and crank it up.
4. Light a scented candle and meditate on a verse of Scripture.
5. Create your own coffee break.
6. Sit in the sun for 5-10 minutes.
7. Find one of those silly cat videos on the Internet.
8. Add five entries to your gratitude journal.
9. Run to the store and buy yourself flowers.
10. Take a 5-10 minute walk.
11. Write a note of encouragement and go mail it.
12. Treat yourself to your favorite snack.
13. Find a favorite book and flip to the best part.
14. Power nap for a few minutes.
15. Bubble bath!
16. Order a meal to be delivered.
17. Read an ebook at the local coffee shop.
18. Walk the dog or go to the dog park.
19. Send an encouraging text out of the blue.
20. Drink a big glass of water and do some deep breathing: in for a count of four, out for six.

What are your favorite ways to take a break?


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