Tea Bag Gift Card

This fun tea-themed card is the perfect combination of gift (the tea bag) and personal message (the inside of the card is blank). Here's how to do it!

Start with a card stock card, like the 4.5x6.25 inch one here, that will easily fit a tea bag with room to spare. Choose two patterned papers for your background.

Start by matting the two papers into the card.

With a coordinating paper (I used my blue stripes from the background), cut a rectangle half an inch larger than the tea bag.

Flip the paper over so the pattern is facing the table.

Fold up the two sides and bottom of the rectangle to create a pocket.

Trim the top off the entire pocket so the name and label can be easily read.

Flip the pocket over and use a circle punch to make a small tab.

Then attach the pocket to the card.

I embellished mine with a stamped tea cup and four blue gems. You can add whatever words and embellishments fit with your theme or recipient's personal taste.


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