DIY Denim Dog Toys

It can be difficult to find something for a 110-pound Great Dane to do all day. Especially when she's a lap dog. Unless you enjoy typing, reading and crafting while being squished under an incredibly large puppy, it's a good idea to find something fun for her to do.

I also have a ton of denim left over from some other craft projects ... hence, the denim dog toy.

A not-so-subtle note here: do not, under any circumstances, allow a dog to play with any toy unsupervised. This is how toys get broken, parts get eaten and puppies get sick. Even if you just want to keep them busy for a little while, make sure you watch and interact with them while they're playing.

That being said, you'll start with the heavy seams of some denim you're ready to be rid of. Cut an inch or two from both sides of the inseam and outer seam. This will make them a little sturdier.

Then trim them to make them the same length.

Cross one over the other.

Then make a box knot - gently fold the top and bottom ends to the middle...

... and thread the right end over and then under the folded ends ...

... and the left end over and under the folded ends. You'll end up with a very loose square.

At this point, your dog will be watching you very intently.

Pull the opposite ends, alternating top and bottom with left and right, until the knot tightens down as far as it will go, meeting in the middle.

Knot each of the loose ends for more chew-ability. It's a new word. I like it.

You can also leave the ends un-knotted, unless you have a dog that rips and shreds. In that case, make it a challenge for them, making sure to keep a good eye on them while they play. Better yet, turn it into the best game of fetch ever by playing with them.


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