DIY Carpet Cleaner On The Cheap

Why shell out money for a container of carpet powder time after time when you can make your own inexpensively with just two ingredients?

You probably have an extra box of baking soda in the pantry, and many of us have our favorite essential oils on hand. Combine the two and you'll have your carpets smelling so much better in no time.

When you finish your next shaker of carpet powder, pull off the lid and rinse it out. Once it's dried thoroughly, empty the baking soda into it.
Then add 20-25 drops of essential oil - I use lavender. Put the lid back on tightly and shake gently to mix it all together.

And now the fun part - set it aside for at least an hour and go do something else. This gives the oil a chance to infuse the baking soda.

When you're ready just shake it out lightly onto your carpet.

And the other fun part - leave it there for at least 30 minutes while you go do something else.

When your time is up, vacuum the powder up. I noticed that our carpet fluffed immediately on the first vacuuming.

Because the baking soda isn't as dense as the carpet powder, you'll want to check your vacuum's bags and hoses a little more closely so you don't get clogs.


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