Jelly Beans In A Bunny Treat Holder

Decorate your Easter table with a cute and clever treat holder! Just grab a piece of tissue paper, jelly beans or other small candy, and ribbon.

Cut the tissue paper into a square and pile your jelly beans in the middle.

Fold the bottom corner up just past the candy.

Then fold the top corner down past the bottom crease.

Bring each of the side corners up and in on either side of the candy pile, making sure to crease them well. These will be the bunny's ears.

Fold the tiny bottom corner up to make a straight crease across the bottom.

Make the ears half their width by folding the outside edges in toward the middle.

 Bring the bottom edge up, creasing it in line with the bottom of the candy, effectively sealing it in.

Take each ear and fold it one more time into the center, right against the edge of the candy pile. This will make the ears stand upright and hold everything together better.

Use a piece of ribbon to wrap twice around the entire folded part.

 When you flip it over, fluff the bunny ears and it's all ready to go!


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