Six Ways To Fight Those Food Cravings

Is your tummy growling right now? Or was that mine?

If you're like me, you're fully aware of those food cravings. You're tummy rumbles a little and immediately you're up and headed for the kitchen. Or maybe you have some treats tucked away right where you are.

Yes, I know they're there. I have them, too.

While we may not be binge eaters, it's all too common for women to overindulge in the food arena. Our emotions, cycles and deep-seeded desires all tend to bring us back to food. But those same emotions, cycles and desires can keep us from putting the right kinds of nutrition in our bodies.

So what should you do the next time food cravings strike?

* Drink water. A whole glass of water. You might not be hungry at all, just dehydrated. If you're still feeling hungry in half an hour, fix a small snack.

* And trade water for some of the other drinks you have each day. In small quantities, coffee, tea and soft drinks are fine, but they can also give you caffeine and sugar rushes. This will just make you hungrier instead of filling you up like water can.

* Stock your refrigerator and pantry with good-for-you foods. Then, when the munchies hit, you'll have lots of healthy choices.

* Set up a schedule and stick to it. Just because you're hungry at 1:30 doesn't mean you have to eat right then. It's good to eat small portions every 3-4 hours, so plan accordingly around your daily schedule.

* Mix the healthy with the indulgences. Just because you have a salad for lunch doesn't mean you can't end the meal with a peanut butter cookie. Eating an entire pan of peanut butter cookies would be wrong on several levels, but enjoying one every now and then is a wonderful treat.

* Your craving might not be food-related at all. Many of us eat when we're tired, lonely, sad, frustrated or stressed. Instead of running to the pantry, tame your emotions first so you'll be thinking clearly enough to make good food choices.

Don't let food consume you when you're supposed to be consuming food. Make some smart choices and you'll be able to achieve victory over those cravings.


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