Adding Dimension To Your Paper Crafts Without 3D Adhesive

This is already starting out to be a forgetful kind of week. I'm embarrassed to tell you how many things I've already forgotten in just two days ... but I can't remember what those things were.

When and if I remember, I'll let you know all the things I've forgotten.

The one and only thing I do remember forgetting was to pick up 3D adhesive the last time I was shopping for craft supplies. This is that thick tape or dots that raise your paper slightly, adding some height and shadow to really add dimension to your work.

So I am height-less. And shadow-less. And dimension-less.

But not really.

The easiest way to add dimension without 3D adhesive is to simply add multiple layers of paper between your background and your pattern.

Here, for example, I cut a piece of scrap white card stock down to the size I wanted for this side border. Then I taped it to another white card stock and trimmed it to match. This is all the thicker I wanted it to be, but you could keep adding layers indefinitely to get the right height.

This done, I taped the patterned paper (that I would have put the 3D adhesive on) to the two layered pieces of card stock.

At this stage, I punched the four holes through all three layers of card stock and decorator paper.

Then I adhered the three-layers-thick, punched border to the edge of my card. It was the perfect height to hold my gemstone flower embellishments, and I used up just a little of my scrap paper in the process.

There's always a way around your forgetfulness - you just have to be creative and look for it.


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